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Sustainable Packaging Options For Product Marketing Teams

Marketing principles ascertain that product packaging is a crucial part of a product's success. Some marketing teams like to think of the packaging as an extension of a product and spend just as much time discussing the packaging concepts as they do the actual product and its functionality. Promoters will not only choose a packaging medium that will appropriately fit and display their product, but they also have to choose a packaging medium that fits their budget. Sometimes, packaging on a budget is called "value packaging." In addition to these concerns, companies are now becoming more conscious about the environmental impacts of their packaging.

Environmental responsibility has been weighing heavily on marketing and concept teams. In part, being environmentally conscious allows the team to better market their product as being friendly, not only to the people, but also to their ecosystem. This strategy suggests a method of unity between the product's owner and the average consumer.

There are several ways in which packaging companies help product management teams assess their environmental concerns. These are some of the aspects that package development representatives consider when consulting with product owners:

Waste Minimization
Energy Recovery
Recycling Options
Easy Disposal

While the ultimate goal is to prevent the packaging from becoming mere waste product, this is often unavoidable. Biodegradable substances are frequently used in packaging to minimize the amount of waste created by the package itself. The disposal of the packaging has to be relatively simple for the buyer too.

Packaging companies attempt to create packaging in a way that uses the minimum amount of energy possible. The business isn't just trying to make the product environmentally-friendly, but they make their business and manufacturing facility as energy conscious as possible too. These companies will look at their waste-to-energy ratio, diagnose ways to make that ratio better for the environment, and implement those diagnostics into their business model.

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